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All Needs Covered LLC

House, Apartment and Commercial Services


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Why do you all charge $15 per ceiling fan to clean them?

Its simple, we hand clean each blade on the ceiling fan both sides so dirt, dust or allergens want get back on your furniture that we just cleaned. We can clean your entire home and get it dust free (if you use a swifter which only removes the surface dust) once you cut on the switch for the ceiling fan all that dust will fall right back onto your furniture. 

Why do you all charge $20 per room to clean baseboards?

We are not other cleaning companies that use a swifter or just sweep off the baseboards we do it the old fashion way that works. We get on our hands and knees an actually scrub them back white. No baseboard quick clean tool works. Most customers only clean their baseboards once a year or twice a year if they have pets. 

Why do I have pay before services are rendered and is my credit card information secure?
We require customers to pay in advance for services in order to reserve or confirm their requested day/time slot. We have had to many customers reserve time slots and never call to cancel or reschedule services after we have drove to her home or business 45 minutes to more than an hour away. This not only hurts us as a company but it hurts our customers that could have been booked in that time slot. All payments are secure and none of your credit card information is even provided to us. We us a third party payment processing company called "Stripe" to process all our transactions.