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All Needs Covered LLC

House, Apartment and Commercial Services


House & Commercial Cleaning Services

Top 10 Reasons Why People Choose All Needs Covered Cleaning Services

Clients choose All Needs Covered Cleaning Services because they want a house & commercial cleaning company that

  • is reliable and consistent
  • is affordable and that will work with almost any budget
  • looks out for your health with green cleaning
  • takes pride in customer service
  • screens, trains and certifies every cleaner
  • uses tested and proven methods
  • has established standard house cleaning procedures – every cleaning team, every cleaning
  • learns your needs quickly and make sure they are met
  • complies with federal, state and local labor and tax laws and carries adequate insurance
  • brings their own green cleaning supplies and basic equipment where applicable

Every day we sign up new clients who want to do more to protect their health and understand that All Needs Covered Cleaning Services is a practical, affordable way to reduce the amount of harmful toxins in their home environment. All Needs Covered Cleaning Services is the first and only cleaning service to make a system-wide commitment to eco-friendly & green cleaning, requiring it at every franchise operation, for the health of our customers and our agents. Ask us about our Green Cleaning Services.