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House, Apartment and Commercial Services

*Please Read Before Scheduling Services*

Please only click on the Submit Request button below once. Your request has been sent over and you will receive a call from us shortly.

In the description box please add the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you have, any extra cost add on services (inside oven, inside fridge, number of rooms of baseboards or number of ceiling fans that you want to be hand cleaned), the requested date and time of service, and any price that was quoted.

All customers will receive a call first then an invoice email as a confirmation from us that we have received your request and upon payment your date and time is confirmed. Even if you have paid through Groupon, Amazon, etc. you will still receive an invoice except it will have a zero balance on it.


Once Payment Is Made Then You Will Be Added To Our Schedule For Cleaning Services.
*No services will be scheduled or confirmed without payment first until invoice has a zero balance due on it. *